Residential EMF Surveys

Residential EMF Surveys Railway EMF

EMF Surveys For Residential Properties

Are you worried about EMF’s from nearby electricity power lines? Substations? Railway lines? Electricity supply enclosures etc? We also undertake Residential EMF Surveys for the public.

We use the same state-of-the-art EMF measuring equipment used for industrial applications to see exactly what the EMF levels are both inside & outside your property. We then compare them against the legal & recognised “safe” EMF limits to show you exactly what’s what for your own peace-of-mind.

A full 18+ page EMF Survey Report will then be emailed to you as proof.

As part of our Customer Service, we actively encourage the Client to be there with us during the survey . You can then see the measurements for yourself, and crucially have a discussion & chat with us about EMFs. We totally understand EMFs can be very confusing – we guarantee to tell you The Facts in an easy-to-understand manner and cut-through the minefield of information regarding EMFs you may read on the internet.


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